VDS-BM Washer Disinfector

Key features: No chemical cleaning agents, automated mattress handling, clean technologically advanced beds (ipx4).

Product Description

VDS-BM Washer Disinfector for bed and mattresses. Washing, disinfection and drying all in one, validated and without the use of chemical cleaning agents.

Thermal disinfection

Innovative washing process, applying robots and high temperature steam to stand out from any other solution. The use of chemical cleaning agents is unnecessary as thermal disinfection is reached by applying steam. Metal, plastic, stainless steel, displays: the VDS-BM is suitable for all surfaces, without affecting them as it dries and cools the surface immediately after steaming. Diffused at less than three centimeter of distance, steam treats the surface to be cleaned at a temperature above 90° C. This temperature combined with a high pressure when exiting the steam torch, disinfects by a simple thermal contact.




The VDS-BM Washer Disinfector has the lowest energy and water consumption in the market. Moreover, it is the only washer-disinfector in the market that uses steam and precision robots. Since steam cleaning only uses water to disinfect a surface, you won't have to use any chemical cleaning agents to create a visual clean, microbe free environment.


    • A clean, disinfected, dry and cool bed and mattress within 6 minutes
    • No chemical cleaning agents
    • Lowest water & energy consumption in the industry
    • Process IPX4 equipment with advanced electronics (e.g. "non-washable beds")
    • Automated mattress handling
    • No physical burden on employees
    • Smart and intuitive interface with large touchscreen




VDS Datasheet (English)
pdf - 2.9MB

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Sander Hummeling

Global Sales Director