Bed washing tunnel | VDS

Infection prevention in hospitals is becoming increasingly important. The cleaning and disinfecting of beds and mattresses plays an important role in this. The cleaner the bed, the smaller the chance of spreading microorganisms.

In collaboration with bed manufacturers, the VDS was designed to clean and disinfect the new generation of high-tech IPX4 ("non-washable") beds. This makes the VDS the only automated solution in the world that makes it possible to mechanically clean and disinfect IPX4 beds.

IPX4 / Non machine washable

Clean and disinfect the new generation of high-tech IPX4 ("non-washable") beds by using steam.

Automated mattress handling

The mattress is automatically lifted from the bed, and cleaned and dried on every side.

ISO 15883 / DIN 58955

Meets all requirements of the European Standards for thermical disinefction, NEN-EN-ISO 15883 and DIN 58955.

No chemicals

No addition of detergents or other chemicals.

Safe and user-friendly

The physical burden on employees is significantly lower than all other bed cleaning methods. Despite the innovative technical systems employed, the machine is very easy to operate.

Innovative and sustainable

Thanks to its fficient cleaning process and low consumption the VDS is capable of achieving a significant reduction in your CO2 footprint.

Validated process

Validated for accreditation purposes (NIAZ/JCI).

Tailor-made programme

Based on your wishes and requirements it is possible to create tailor-made robot programmes.


Sander Hummeling

Global Sales Director