Bed washing tunnel | VDS Proces

The VDS is a robotized solution for cleaning hospital beds, mattresses and medical aids such as wheelchairs IV stands and trolleys. The automated cleaning process  is an innovative and sustainable solution that guarantees constant and controlled cleaning quality. The VDS uses steam (thermal disinfection) both as a sustainable alternative and as chemicals can make microorganisms resistant to treatments.


Cleaning and drying a hospital bed and mattress takes only 6 minutes. The ergonomic design of the VDS allows operation by a single person.

  • Input cabin: the bed is scanned, identified and checked. This prompts the VDS to commence the correct tailor-made programme.

  • Mattrass washer: the mattress is automatically lifted from the bed, and cleaned and dried on every side.

  • Washing cabin: with the help of precision robots, all the components of the bed and mattress are cleaned in the washing cabin using steam.

  • Drying: The bed and mattress are dried by means of forced ventilation and compressed air.

  • Output cabin: the matrass is automatically lifted onto the bed and the bed can immediately be made up and used.

Cleaning technologically advanced beds (IPX4)

Hospitals no longer have too choose between manually cleaning technologically advanced ("non-washable") beds or a washing tunnel with “washable” less advanced IPX6 beds. The VDS produces steam at high temperatures and high pressure, which guarantees efficiency in terms of detergency: while using only 4 liter of water per cycle. As a result the newest generation of hospital beds can be processed by the VDS. Together with Hill-Rom ®, the technologically advanced Hill-Rom® 900 Accella™ IPX4 bed has been tested and validated for cleaning in the VDS.

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Sander Hummeling

Global Sales Director