About us

Weber Hospital Systems was founded in 2017 with a clear goal: to make an important contribution to a safe and healthy hospital environment by minimising healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 4 million patients in Europe contract a healthcare-associated infection every year. Infection increases the burden of disease, prolongs the length of stay in hospital and leads to further treatment with antibiotics that continue to build resistance, making it increasingly difficult to combat infections. The annual economic impact caused by HAIs in Europe is estimated at €7 billion.

We want to help hospitals worldwide to reduce the number of healthcare-associated infections. The cleaner a hospital bed, the lower the risk of spreading microorganisms and the risk of transmitting infection. That is why we work with a team of fifty employees every day, developing sustainable solutions for cleaning and disinfection hospital beds, mattresses and medical equipment. As part of Weber Mechanical Engineering, we use our expertise in the development and production of innovative machines.

From our headquarters in Zwaag we contribute to increasing patient safety in hospitals around the world. Curious about how we work and provide solutions? We will be happy to tell you more about it.


At Weber Hospital Systems, we have a clear goal in mind: we want to improve the safety of patients in hospitals by ensuring the highest standard of hygiene in a sustainable manner. Would you like to know more about our VDS? Leave your details and we will get back to you.



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