How does the VDS work?

The VDS automates and validates the process of cleaning and disinfecting hospital beds by using precision robots and steam, no chemicals or unnecessary physical stress for the employees. This is how it works:

  • Remove any visible dirt with the integrated hand-held steam unit;
  • Transfer the bed including mattress in the highest horizontal position to the VDS;
  • The integrated 2D scanner detects and registers the bed;
  • In the cleaning and disinfection cabin, the mattress is automatically lifted from the bed;
  • The precision robots clean, disinfect and dry the bed; the mattress washer is fully automated and the clean side of the mattress is automatically placed back on the bed;
  • The bed is immediately dried and cooled, so it can be reused straightaway.

The precision robots clean and disinfect the hospital bed using steam at a minimum of 95 degrees, so we realize an A0-60 that is optionally adjustable. The bed is then dried with compressed air. The mattress is cleaned, disinfected and dried in the integrated mattress washer. After cleaning, the bed and mattress are automatically reassembled. The VDS delivers a clean, disinfected and dry hospital bed, including a mattress, every six to eight minutes. Ready for use.

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At Weber Hospital Systems we have a clear goal: we want to improve the safety of patients in hospitals by ensuring the highest standard of hygiene in a sustainable way.

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