Customised installation

Thanks to its modular design, the VDS can be installed quickly and efficiently. Two trucks transport the 18 modules to your hospital. There, the modules are connected.

Once the trucks have been unloaded, the entire installation will take about two weeks. We will then conduct a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) together with you.

Is the installation to your liking? Then we transfer the VDS. From that moment on, the VDS is ready for use.

How do we work?

Have you made the choice to purchase the VDS? In that case, we will determine the strategy for the installation in consultation with you. We offer a project-based setup so that your team has a permanent point of contact. Together, we ensure that the VDS is installed as quickly and efficiently as possible in the space you have in mind.

Project Planning

On the basis of a Project Implementation Document (PID), we guarantee the basic principles for the installation. Consider, for example, the planning, the positioning of the VDS and the required connection points for electricity, water supply and ventilation, for example. The PID is a live document that we continuously adapt until the final design. If the document is signed by both parties, the structure of the installation is in place.

Lead time

In the contract, we provide the delivery date for the VDS. Based on this delivery date, we draw up a schedule, which becomes part of the PID. Approximately 4 weeks before the start of the installation, we check whether all conditions have been met. To be sure, we will once again assess the logistical routing, so that we can be sure that we will be able to transport the 18 modules of the VDS to the intended space without any problems.

As soon as the modules have arrived at your hospital, we will start the installation of the VDS. The entire installation usually takes two weeks. With a Site Acceptance Test (SAT), our engineers check whether the VDS is working properly. Has the installation been carried out as required? Then we transfer the VDS. We then provide training for your employees, so that they know exactly how to operate the VDS. This training usually lasts a week. After this, the VDS is finally ready for use.


At Weber Hospital Systems, we have a clear goal in mind: we want to improve the safety of patients in hospitals by ensuring the highest standard of hygiene in a sustainable manner. Would you like to know more about our VDS? Leave your details and we will get back to you.



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