Our mission

Our mission


At Weber Hospital Systems, we use robot technology to thermally disinfect hospital beds, mattresses and medical equipment without the use of chemicals.

This way, we help hospitals to prevent healthcare infections and to create a safe and healthy environment for patients, employees and visitors, on the way to a sustainable future.



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Fewer healthcare related infections
Increased patient safety
Sustainable solutions
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The solution for validated clean hospital beds

The VDS (Validated Disinfection System) is the solution for validated clean hospital beds, mattresses and medical devices. Using steam cleaning and precision robots, the VDS automatically cleans, disinfects and dries a bed, mattress or equipment in just six to eight minutes. If the bed or mattress is visually contaminated, the integrated hand steam unit can optionally be used to remove the contamination 'on the spot'.


Hospitals have the responsibility to provide the best care in the safest possible environment. The cleaner a hospital bed, the lower the risk of spreading micro-organisms and transmitting infections. Nevertheless, many hospitals still clean the beds and mattresses by hand. This is not only a physical strain on the employees, but also the quality of manual operations cannot be validated: the result always depends on the individual performing the tasks.

Guidelines WHO

Mechanical cleaning of hospital beds is therefore preferable according to the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO). In automated processes, the result is always the same: the working method can be reproduced and validated. Thus, the VDS always follows the same program, guaranteeing consistent quality in the cleaning and disinfection processes, with each cleaning cycle. In six to eight minutes, a bed or mattress is validated clean, dried and ready for use.

Patient safety in hospitals

Patients go to the hospital to get better. Yet, according to estimates by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), some 80,000 people in Europe contract a healthcare-related infection every year. Infectious diseases are difficult to control: an increasing number of microorganisms are resistant to almost all types of antibiotics. Hospital patients are particularly vulnerable: the WHO estimates that 37,000 patients die each year in Europe as a result of infections contracted in hospitals.

Infection prevention

Infection prevention is one of the most important topics in healthcare. Especially now that the demand for hospital care due to the ageing population, and thus the risk of infections, is set to increase even further in the coming decades. The main cause of care-related infections is poor hand hygiene. In addition, infections are often contracted via beds and mattresses. In order to reduce the risk of infections, basic hygiene in a hospital must first be in order. The cleaner a hospital bed, the lower the risk of spreading microorganisms and transmitting infections.

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