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In the past, hospitals were faced with a difficult choice: do we use advanced beds that can only be cleaned manually, or do we opt for standard beds that are resistant to the automatic wash line? Weber Hospital Systems brings together the best of both worlds in the VDS (Validated Disinfection System): hospitals can now use high-tech beds and have them cleaned and disinfected using precision robots, which can be used to validate the quality of the cleaning process.

IPX6 versus IPx4

In traditional bedwashers, hospital beds can only be cleaned and disinfected mechanically if they meet an IP standard that guarantees a certain degree of waterproofness on electrical components. IPX6 grade beds are also referred to as ‘car wash proof’ because they are resistant to water getting sprayed against the parts.

The technology in place has a purpose. Nowadays, there are smart beds with, for example, an integrated scale and connectivity, which can be used to send patient data directly to the electronic patient record. Because of these technologies, smart beds are often only protected against splashing water. These so-called IPX4 beds cannot be cleaned in traditional bed washing machines, which use a lot of water and chemicals. 

The limitations of manual cleaning and disinfection

Of course, hospital beds can also be cleaned manually. However, manual cleaning and disinfection is time-consuming, labour-intensive and physically taxing, while the healthcare sector is facing an ever-increasing shortage of qualified personnel. In addition, the quality of cleaning cannot be validated during manual operations: the result always depends on the person performing the tasks. Human factors, such as fatigue at the end of a working day, can impact in the results.

The Opportunities of the VDS

Weber Hospital Systems' VDS is the first and only automated solution in the world that makes it possible to machine clean and disinfect IPX4 beds. The use of precision robots guarantees a constant and controlled quality of the cleaning and disinfection process. The VDS marks a new standard set in the market by Weber Hospital Systems: the new generation of high-tech IPX4 beds can now also be cleaned and disinfected using fully automated methods. In cooperation with manufacturers of hospital beds, the VDS has been validated by means of extensive testing. This means that hospitals are no longer forced to choose but can benefit from the latest technologies without compromising on the quality of cleaning and disinfection.

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At Weber Hospital Systems, we have a clear goal in mind: we want to improve the health of patients by ensuring the highest standard of hygiene in a sustainable manner. Would you like to know more about our solutions? We will be happy to advise you.


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